OLIGO 2020 Online
Maastricht University

Welcome to the OLIGO Workshop 2020 at Maastricht University!

Update on Oligo 2020

Dear all,

Due to the Corona crisis we are currently facing, Oligo 2020 will be transformed into an online event in the coming weeks. More details will be provided as soon as possible, but the most important information for now is:

  • All can register via this website;
  • Registration fees for the Oligo 2020 online event:
    • Academics: EUR 120
    • PhD Students: EUR 60

Finally, and depending on how things develop in the upcoming months, we hope to be able to welcome you all here in Maastricht in June 2021.

Important Dates

Individuals interested to attend that have no way of getting registration fees reimbursed may apply for a waiver by sending an e-mail to: oligoworkshop2020@gmail.com.


To be announced.


Maastricht is the capital of the Province of Limburg located in the southeast of the Netherlands and in the centre of the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, a stone’s throw from Liège and Aachen. Maastricht developed from a Roman settlement to a Medieval religious centre, a garrison town and an early industrial city. Today, Maastricht is well-regarded as an affluent cultural centre. Maastricht draws many tourists who come to enjoy the city’s beauty and history. The city centre is especially attractive, with historical buildings and more than 1,450 listed buildings. Visitors enjoy the relaxed, exuberant atmosphere.